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Condo Hotel Investment Opportunity

Galileo Boutique Hotel (“Galileo”) located at the base of Cerro Catedral, the largest ski resort in South America is being converted into a “Condo Hotel”. Galileo is in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche located in the Patagonian Province of Rio Negro, Argentina. As a result of the conversion, the Hotel is offering a limited number of units of various sizes and configurations for sale to qualified buyers. Owners may use the units on a temporary or permanent basis



Last November in Austria at the second edition of the World Ski Awards, Cerro Catedral was recognized as the best ski resort in Argentina. Located just 20 kilometers from the town center of Bariloche, Cerro Catedral is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere (120 km/75 miles of slopes across a 600-hectare surface) with a huge infrastructure for practicing winter sports. It’s open all year round and has 40 lifts (including chairlifts and cable cars) that transport up to 35,000 people an hour. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the amazing centers located on the mountain’s stunning slopes, with outstanding views of Nahuel Huapi and Gutiérrez lakes, the Andes, Mount Tronador and all other nearby mountains. There’s a wide range of culinary options to choose from and several shops. In winter, you’ll find everything you need to ski and snowboard, from rental equipment to schools that teach all levels. During the summer months there are lots of adventure activities available for the entire family. From climbing to hiking, mountain biking, rappelling and much more. Enjoy breathtaking scenery, the finest cuisine and an area where cars and motorbikes are forbidden. Visit the Bike Park where inexperienced and expert riders alike can descend eight different trails marked on the southern side and center of the mountain.

Cerro Catedral is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere


Declared National Capital of Adventure Tourism and National Capital of Chocolate

The city is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, next to the Andes and 1,680 kilometers (1044 miles) from Buenos Aires. In 2012, it was declared Argentine Capital of Adventure Tourism and in 2015, the Argentine Capital of Chocolate.   Enjoy Bariloche all year round. It’s where nature rewards every visitor with outstanding scenery. From snowy peaks and copper-colored lenga trees to entire valleys blanketed with Spring’s flowers and crystal clear waters.  There are lots of activities for you to enjoy in Bariloche: trekking and tours, sailing, winter sports for all tastes, world class cuisine, adventure tourism, romantic getaways, family activities, peaceful breaks and a diverse culture.


LOCATION Boutique condo hotel, situated 300 meters from the ski lifts.
DISTANCE 15 minutes to several lakes and 25 minutes from the center of town which is full of restaurants and entertainment venues.
UNIQUE Unique positioning as the “only boutique hotel” in Cerro Catedral.
SKI RESORT Catedral Alta Patagonia largest ski resort in South America.
LUXURY Luxurious units complete with wood burning fireplaces, hot tubs, heated stone floors and a full collection of domestic electronics and kitchen appliances.
SUMMER ACTIVITIES Beyond skiing in the winter a vast array of summer activities such as rafting, kayacking golf, fishing, mountain biking, canopy and rock climbing.
FINANCING Financing for qualified buyers.
GENERATE INCOME Ability to generate income from the condo units when not being used by the owners by putting them into our central reservation system.
TRADE WEEKS Ability to  trade weeks in the condo units in exchange with a time sharing company that provides access to over 3000 venues worldwide.
DESIGN 5 designs to choose from (See Floor Plans).
FURNISHED Completely furnished units.
SERVICE Maid and Room Service.
OBSERVATORY Free use of our astronomical observatory with an appointment.
CAPITAL APPRECIATION Potential for future capital appreciation given the renewed interest in Argentina by international investors



  • Property Management

  • Concierge Services

  • Check in/Check out

  • Recreational Activities

  • Organization of Skiing Activities

  • Laundry

  • Catering

  • Access to Galileo’s central reservation system

  • Booking of massages and Spa treatments

  • Direct TV connections

  • Internet Connections

  • Maintenance costs for common areas are divided equally based upon the number of square meters.

  • Basic utilities such as electricity and water are direct billed on a per unit basis.

Floor Plans

5 available unit types


5% when reservation is taken
25% of the purchase price upon the execution of the contract.
The balance to be financed up to 24 months at 6% interest per annum

Who we are

We are a family of two Argentine sisters, one based in Barcelona and the other in Buenos Aires who along with our husbands collaborated to develop a unique boutique hotel experience.   We all love to travel and fell in love with Bariloche many years ago.  Our families would come here for nature, adventure and skiing.   While we love the natural beauty of Bariloche with its incredible lakes, idyllic mountains and nature we were never completely satisfied with the available accommodations close to the ski lifts in Cerro Catedral, so after discovering that 4000 square meters of land was available only 300 meters away from the ski lifts with incredible mountain views we decided to buy the land and build the only boutique hotel in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche.  We hired an architect and asked him to show us structures that combined the earth tones of the local Mapuche Indians with Swiss Alpine architecture and after several exchanges with him arrived at a model that reflected our dreams.   We insisted on very large windows to fully appreciate the mountain views, natural fireplaces and Jacuzzis in each room to ensure maximum comfort.  We are also wine lovers and produce our own wines that we offer at our wine bar in the hotel.  The intensity of the night sky in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche has also made a tremendous and lasting impression upon us during clear nights as we could clearly see the constellations, especially the Southern Cross and the Three Maria’s.  This inspired us to import a high powered Solectron telescope and build a stainless steel astronomical observatory with GPS to follow other constellations on those nights when the clear night sky enticed us with stargazing.  We have always wanted to share this dream with other families and invite you to come join us in sharing this dream that is now a reality in the form of Galileo Boutique Hotel. 


Come join us. 

Galileo Boutique Hotel

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Arnaldo Rodríguez

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